12 Sep 2019

last remainder

last remainder

  • last remainder

    struct malloc_state
      /* Serialize access.  */
      __libc_lock_define (, mutex);
      /* Flags (formerly in max_fast).  */
      int flags;
      /* Set if the fastbin chunks contain recently inserted free blocks.  */
      /* Note this is a bool but not all targets support atomics on booleans.  */
      int have_fastchunks;
      /* Fastbins */
      mfastbinptr fastbinsY[NFASTBINS];
      /* Base of the topmost chunk -- not otherwise kept in a bin */
      mchunkptr top;
      /* The remainder from the most recent split of a small request */
      mchunkptr last_remainder;
      /* Normal bins packed as described above */
      mchunkptr bins[NBINS * 2 - 2];
      /* Bitmap of bins */
      unsigned int binmap[BINMAPSIZE];
      /* Linked list */
      struct malloc_state *next;
      /* Linked list for free arenas.  Access to this field is serialized
         by free_list_lock in arena.c.  */
      struct malloc_state *next_free;
      /* Number of threads attached to this arena.  0 if the arena is on
         the free list.  Access to this field is serialized by
         free_list_lock in arena.c.  */
      INTERNAL_SIZE_T attached_threads;
      /* Memory allocated from the system in this arena.  */
      INTERNAL_SIZE_T system_mem;
      INTERNAL_SIZE_T max_system_mem;

    bins链(fast bin除外)存在free chunk时,若malloc的请求大小小于free chunk,就会切割这个free chunk,剩余的chunk就是last remainder,last remainder会被放入unsorted bin中

    产生last remainder后,malloc_state结构体中的last_remainder成员指针会被初始化,指向这个last_remainder

  • last remainder的产生

    • 切割unsorted bin

      当unsorted bin有free chunk可以给malloc切割使用时:

      1. 将free chunk放置到对应大小的bins链
      2. 切割free chunk,产生last remainder
      3. last remainder放入unsorted bin
    • 切割small bin、large bin

      1. 切割free chunk,产生last remainder
      2. last remainder放入unsorted bin


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